Fancy Finishes

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a large variety of fancy finishes. Featured below are some of our favorite fancy finishes available in a variety of precious metals qualities. See a full product listing with the below fancy finishes here.


   The Crystal Cut finish is a unique pattern that sparkles like a crystal in the light.

Item references are below:

A. Bead - BDZ0270
    B. Ball Earring - BEZ6103
    C. Rice Bead - BDZ9000
   C. Stackable Rings - RNG1620


   This trendy pattern creates a statement on it's own and is great as an accent piece.

Item references are below:

 E. Stackable Rings - RNG1600
    F. Ball Earring - BEZ608
   G. Bead - BDZ0260
    H. Rice Bead - BEZ9010



   Our Checkerboard pattern is subtle and intricate. Offered a variety of products.

Item references are below:

I. Bead - BDZ0280
    J. Stackable Rings - RNG1630
    K. Rice Bead - BDZ9020
    L. Ball Earring - BEZ6080