Ring Blanks (Mill)

Ring Blanks

The John C. Nordt Company is a brand of LeachGarner, they offer a wide range of rings made from tube that can be cut into any width, has a symmetrical grain structure, and makes more efficient use of valuable precious metals. Because of their FusionForged® Technology the precious metal used for their tubing is fine-grained, symmetrically formed, ductile, and completely free of internal or external flaws or porosity.

Rings are ductile enough to be stretched several sizes (assuming good technique), and precious stones may be set easily and held securely. The fine-grain metal is easy to polish to brilliant, uniform luster, and the rings are durable enough to last for centuries.

For more information on John C. Nordt and their product offering please contact their customer service department by phone: 800-526-6738 or email: sales@jcnordt.com. Or visit their website for more information: www.jcnordt.com.

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