Product DevelopmentTechnical ExpertiseMetals Accounting

Product Development

A staff of highly trained experts are available for custom product and alloy development.

Technical Expertise

We have the tools and knowledge to assist throughout the manufacturing process.

Metals Accounting

We offer metals accounting to assist you in the management of your precious metals usage.

Technical Data

To assist you with your precious metal needs we have provided you with a variety of reference charts, conversion calculators and other reference information.

Alloy Development

As a leading precious metals supplier, LeachGarner prides itself in the development of new alloys to meet market trends and customer specific requirements. Our team of metallurgists have extensive experience working collaboratively throughout the development process.

Product Development

Across all industries the LeachGarner product development team is experienced in each aspect of precious metal components and semi-finish product development. Responding creatively to the increasingly specialized needs of the many industries we serve.

Technical Assistance

A fundamental foundation for all of our LeachGarner products is our precious metals technical assistance capabilities. We remain focused and dedicated to our technical capabilities as well as supporting our customers.

Recycle Program

Our dedication of compliance reaches all aspects of our company. We understand the importance of an environmentally friendly approach to precious metals fabrication and at LeachGarner we offer specific alloys and fabrication techniques that meet those needs.

Metals Accounting

We offer toll accounting to assist with the management of precious metals as it relates to the manufacturing of product and customer specific ordering requirements.

Supply Chain Program

LeachGarner supports customer specific requirements as it relates to our products. These programs come in many forms such as selecting products which are part of our extensive product stock and allows customers to stage products based on specific needs.


We are open, operating and happy to welcome back our LeachGarner customers! The Customer Experience Team is here to assist you and provide support as needed. Please send us an email at or call us at 1 800 225 2706. Stay Safe & Well!...